The ADG Project


ADG is a tool generating diagrams and producing their expressions for given many-body formalisms. Diagrammatic rules from the formalism are combined with graph theory objects to produce diagrams and expressions in a fast, simple and error-safe way.

The only input consists in the theory and order of interest, and the N-body character of the operators of interest. The main output is a LaTeX file containing the diagrams, their associated expressions and additional informations that can be compiled by ADG id needed. Other computer-readable files may be produced as well.


As for now, the code is capable of handling two different formalisms, i.e. Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT) and Bogoliubov Many-Body Perturbation Theory (BMBPT).

  • For MBPT, the code generates all Hartree-Fock energy diagrams at any given order along with their expression and additional information (conjugate diagram, excitation level…).
  • For BMBPT, the code generates all diagrams for a generic observable commuting with the Hamiltonian, along with their time-dependent and time-integrated expressions.

Future developments

Extensions under discussions are diagrams and expressions for Particle-Number Projected BMBPT as well as diagrams and expressions generation for Gorkov Self-Consistent Green’s Functions (GSCGF).