Generate diagrams with ADG


To run the program and generate BMBPT diagrams at order 4 for example, use

adg -o 4 -t BMBPT -d -c

where the -o flag is for the order, -t for the type of theory, -d indicates you want the diagrams to be drawn and -c that you want ADG to compile the LaTeX output.

You can alternatively run the program in interactive mode by typing

adg -i

Finally, to obtain more information on all the available flags, use

adg -h

CLI options

Generic options:

-o, --order order of the diagrams [1-9] or N_A, N_B, N_C truncation for BIMSRG
-t, --theory theory of interest: MBPT, BMBPT or PBMBPT
-i, --interactive
 execute ADG in interactive mode

(P)BMBPT options:

-can, --canonical
 consider only canonical diagrams
-nobs, --nbody_observable
 maximal n-body character of the observable [1-3], default = 2
-3NF, --with_3NF
 use two and three-body forces for BMBPT diagrams
-dt, --draw_tsds
 draw Time-Structure Diagrams

MBPT option:

-cd, --cd_output
 produce computer-readable output for automated frameworks

Run management options:

-d, --draw_diags
 draw the diagrams using FeynMF
-c, --compile compile the LaTeX output file with PDFLaTeX

Output files

The output of the program is stored in a folder named after the theory, and a subfolder named after the order, e.g. /MBPT/Order-4. In the case of (P)BMBPT, suffixes are added depending on the n-body forces of the observable, and if three-body forces were used or only canonical diagrams computed, i.e. for our previous example, results would be stored under BMBPT/Order-4_2body_observable. For BIMSRG, the folder corresponds e.g. to BIMSRG/Order_1_2_3 if N_A is 1, N_B is 2 and N_B is 3.

The main output file of the program, called result.tex, is a LaTeX file containing the expressions of the diagrams along other basic infos on their structure, and, if flag -d has been used, drawing instructions. The file is automatically compiled and produces a PDF file result.pdf when using the -c file.

A list of the adjacency matrices associated with the diagrams is printed separately in the adj_matrices.list file to allow for an easy use with another many-body diagrams code.

In the case of a MBPT calculations, it is possible to produce output specifically tailored for automated calculations framework by using the -cd flag. The associated output files use CD_ as a prefix.